DAILY SCHEDULES

12.00 hrs. Meet, greet & lunch

                 Opening speeches

                 Congress opening; a passion for Afghan Hounds
                 Elfie Tromp

                 The 'Barukzhy kennel'; first Afghans in continental Europe
                 Willem Buitenkamp

                 Hereditary heart diseases in Afghan Hounds; a European problem only?
                 Dr. Jan-Gerd Kresken

                 Tea break

                 Breed observations from the UK; where do we come from and where are we?
                 Lesley Busby

                 Status of the visualization project; 4 standards in the picture
                 Gisela Jansen & Pamela Bennett

                 Dinner tour on the Amsterdam canals (optional)

08.30 hrs

                 The 'van de Oranje Manege kennel'; worldwide influence
                  Ed Grevelt

                 The head of the Afghan Hound; let's face the face
                 Regina Tromp-Pruyn

                 Coffee break

                 Kuchi Film: Tazi - A journey with the Afghan Hounds

                 Afghan Hounds in Latino Amèrica
                 Jaime Ganoza

                 Correct Afghan gait; view the videos
                 Terrence Wilcox

                 Lunch break

                 The 'von Katwiga kennel'; an inside report
                 Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne

                 Assessing the genetic health of the Afghan Hound; new breeding strategies?
                 Carol Beuchat PhD

                  Tea break

                 Open Forum; breed discussion on hands of a SWOT-analysis
                 Michael Canalizo

                 Closing dinner (optional)